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In addition to frank gaffney’s influence over the trump administration’s views on islam and muslims, gaffney is currently organizing behind the scenes to support the implementation of the very same policy he influenced in its ideological nascence. Gaffney influenced the muslim ban policy now he’s advocating its implementation frank gaffney played an influential role in the ideological shaping of president trump’s muslim ban policy. If gaffney is a trump advisor, it’s an extremely bad sign every society has people like gaffney, but in healthy, functioning democracies they live quietly in their parents’ basements, free to. Frank j gaffney jr (born 5 april 1953) is an american counter-jihad conspiracy theorist and the founder and president of the center for security policyin the 1970s and 1980s he worked in various roles for the federal government, including seven months as acting assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs during the reagan administration.

Big government muslim brotherhood radio breitbart news daily center for security policy donald trump frank gaffney keith ellison muslim brotherhood steve bannon. Frank gaffney writes that representatives from the united states council of muslim organizations (uscmo) visiting lawmakers today are “associated with, and working to advance, the agenda of the muslim brotherhood” on monday, april 18, legislators’ offices will be visited by individuals. Gaffney also accused representative andre carson (d-in), who is a muslim, of having ties to a number of muslim brotherhood front groups frank gaffney employs anti-muslim bigotry as a tool to discredit political opponents.

Gaffney, who is committed to raising the alarm about what he sees as the growing influence of islam in american politics, has unsuccessfully been trying to get norquist banned for years. The muslim brotherhood in america in airport security lines and endless efforts to ensure that no offense is given to seemingly permanently aggrieved muslim activists – are we no closer to victory in the so-called “war on terror” than we were on 9/11 the muslim brotherhood is the prime-mover behind this seditious campaign, which. For the last decade, the group has been committed to retrofitting cold-war era conspiracy theories to try and root out the muslim brotherhood operatives gaffney thinks are embedded in the us government and other institutions. Gaffney's organization, csp, almost simultaneously created and funded stop911mosquecom – the official website of the coalition to honor ground zero and a who’s who of radical right-wing leaders, organizations, and notable anti-muslim advocates. Frank gaffney, an anti-islam ideologue who heads the neoconservative center for security policy (csp), argues that donald trump is “reaganesque” in his foreign policy vision after trump’s executive orders banning immigration from several muslim-majority countries, many observers drew the connection between gaffney/csp and these policies.

“the majority of islamic organizations in america are affiliates of or associated with the muslim brotherhood in some way,” a report issued by gaffney’s center for security policy (csp. Milwaukee -- ex-milwaukee county sheriff david clarke says he's split up with his former business partner, whom clarke accuses of being a muslim brotherhood operative who duped him. Gaffney opposed the ground zero mosque, a proposed muslim center that was to be built near ground zero in manhattan.

Frank gaffney, the founder and president of the center, has claimed that president obama may be a secret muslim (he is a muslim and it’s no secret) and that justice elana kagan enabled the imposition of sharia law. Egypt's newly elected president, mohammed morsi, says he will be a leader for all egyptians that sounds a lot like the sorts of lies his fellow muslim brothers have been telling for months. Frank gaffney’s bogus poll, effectively disowned by the polling firm that conducted it, has now formed the basis for a supreme-court-upheld ban on travelers from certain muslim majority countries.

Gaffney muslim

It is a claim that draws eye rolls from most muslims and scholars of islam, since muslims make up about 1 percent of the united states population and are hardly in a position to dictate to the. Gaffney runs the center for security policy, which hosted a panel during the 2018 conservative political action conference at which panelists discussed how to get muslim immigrants and “fake refugees” to leave the us. During his white house years, william jefferson clinton -- someone judge sonia sotomayor might call a white male -- was dubbed america's first black president by a black admirer applying the.

Since 9/11, gaffney, act for america, and breitbart have publicly accused many of the muslims who served in the bush and obama administrations of being instruments of the muslim brotherhood as in. Appearing on fox news last night, gaffney took his muslim brotherhood fearmongering even further.

But gaffney has tried — and failed — to gather support for baseless suggestions that obama is a practicing muslim, or for the accusations he leveled in a series of washington times articles in 2009 that the obama administration is adopting the muslim brotherhood’s middle east plan. “i believe the conservative movement is being subjected to a concerted muslim brotherhood infiltration effort,” gaffney told us, adding that norquist began his insidious effort in the 1980s. Witch hunt bachmann, gaffney, and the gop’s anti-muslim culture of conspiracy meet activist frank gaffney, the inspiration behind bachmann’s anti-muslim witchhunt. Once a respectable washington insider, frank gaffney jr is now one of america’s most notorious islamophobes gripped by paranoid fantasies about muslims destroying the west from within, gaffney believes that “creeping shariah,” or islamic religious law, is a dire threat to american democracy.

Gaffney muslim
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